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About EncodeGarage

EncodeGarage was founded on Dec 23, 2021. We offer premium quality web hosting, domain registration, SSL certificates, and other services to our worldwide clients, and we are responsible for protecting each client and providing the best services available. Our main goal is to provide Enterprise Level Solutions at affordable prices. If you’re thinking about switching from another hosting to us and finding it difficult to transfer all your files, don’t worry; we’ll do it for free! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your site to go live while our specialists complete the transfers – we take care of all our clients.

EncodeGarage History

In 2021, the Managing Director of EncodeGarage, Md. Rahel and Md. Lokman Sarker started this company on social media. Because they saw lots of customers are facing problems getting domain, hosting, and mainly local customers are facing problems with domain and hosting purchases with $ currency because most of them don’t have PayPal or Dual Currency Credit cards.

Then, they both plan to sell domain and hosting to these potential customers and got a lot of customers on social media. On July 01, 2023, they decided to give and manage the services through the EncodeGarage website. Because a business needs identification, automation, billing, marketing, and a lot of strategies.


EncodeGarage Mission

Our mission is straightforward. To offer trouble-free, customer-focused, dependable, and cost-effective web hosting services. We want to keep running a profitable web hosting company that satisfies customers. We have always backed up our rock-solid hosting solutions and top-tier infrastructure with the best possible client service and technical support. A frequent myth about the technology profession is that it is all about machines. While this is true, EncodeGarage also understands that it requires good people to run a well-oiled machine. Yes, a successful company must be dedicated to client solutions, innovation, creativity, and a friendly, caring approach toward all of our clients’ business demands. We not only offer 24/7 customer support. We truly listen and care.

EncodeGarage Vision

Our Vision is straightforward, combining creativity with the most recent technological research and development. We are a very customer-oriented company, always focusing on gathering and deserving the trust of each and every one of our clients. As a result, we listen to our clients, stay on top of the newest trends in technology research, and continuously develop better web hosting products and services, allowing us to accomplish this Vision better and better every day.